Our Team

There are 5 dentists who work at our practice. All the dental team participate in Clinical audit, Peer Review, Clinical Governance and continuing postgraduate dental training. We all complete, and normally far exceed, the statutory 50 hours of Dental Postgraduate training every year and travel far and wide to increase our knowledge on the latest techniques in dentistry. We are also registered with the General Dental Council for continuing professional development.

Isobel Rogers GDC Number 271303

Amar Naru GDC Number 63280

Kathryn Hegarty GDC Number 77868

Karen McKeever GDC Number 76453

Claire Kindley GDC Number 244222

Holly Lloyd
Dental nurse
GDC Number 287331

Dawn Hopper
GDC Number 111446

Niamh Mcnichol
Registered Dental Nurse
GDC Number 277013

Loren Parks
Dental Nurse
GDC Number 256385

Julie Price
Dental Hygienist
GDC Number 5441

Laila Hall
Dental nurse
GDC Number 260153

Nicola Ritchie
Dental hygienist
GDC Number 290989

Ana Tavares
Registered dental nurse
GDC Number 260689

Rachel Davison
Practice Manager