Hygenist Services

We pride ourselves on helping patients achieve and maintain the best dental health possible, with dental health and prevention a guiding principle for everything we do here at our Practice. As part of that commitment, we highly recommend sessions with our hygienists, to promote good home care habits.

Our Dental Hygienist has four main roles:

  • Removing calculus (tartar) from teeth – this is done by a technique called scaling and polishing.
  • Cosmetic stain removal- staining from everyday food and drink can cause superficial staining on teeth which our hygienists can easily remove either by polishing or using our “airflow” system
  • Treating gum disease (also known as ‘gingivitis’ or ‘periodontal disease’) – this is caused by plaque which is a sticky film of bacteria. If left untreated, your gums will start to swell and bleed and can ultimately result in tooth loss
  • Teaching patients good oral hygiene techniques – individually tailored to specific needs

Hygienist services are available on Tuesdays and Thursdays. To find out more, contact the Practice on 0191 285 1323, or via our online enquiry form.

Please note, patients must be seen by their Dentist initially before Hygienist appointments can be arranged.